UbiDuo2 Communication Device

UbiDuo2 ‘Face to Face’ Communicator – Instantaneous Typing Letter by Letter (Standalone device)

Now I’m going to show you with a live demonstration how UbiDuo2 can be used. As you can see…We have 2 devices today, so this is a two-way conversation but you can have up to 4 conversations…As you can see, what I am typing is instantaneously appearing on the other screen.

I can tell you a real, funny, true story about using these. I walked into a café, when an American man approached me and started talking. I didn’t understand a word he was saying, he told me not to worry, and I thought, “don’t worry, why are you saying don’t worry?”

Now I’m going to be brief. You may use the UbiDo2: with a police officer to provide a witness statement; with the AA if your car breaks down – if it’s dark at night time – the UbiDuo2’s screen lights up…