Now Skype ID: +447780332828 (microlinkpctim is no longer on Skype account)

Press the green button to make a call. There you go. So you type in the NGTS prefix and then any telephone number that you would like. Then the number that you want to call, so maybe friends, family, professionals, people that you work with, any normal telephone number you can call using this service.

This video is going to be about how to use a piece of software called NGTS on your windows laptop. NGTS stands for Next Generation Text Service. I have been using this piece of kit since the 21st of January 2015 and its been completely free.

I wanted to let you know some information about the Next Generation Text Service Download, on iOS for an Apple mobile or tablet. It seems you’re unable to save conversations on those devices. Whereas on a laptop, or a PC computer, you would be able to save those conversations. I just wanted to let you know the difference between the two downloads.